Cozy and comfortable plus-size garments for easy weekend days

Cozy and comfortable plus-size garments for easy weekend days

Every one of us is eagerly awaiting every next weekend. It is the time to pause, relax, unwind, and spend some quality time with our family and friends. Since the weather is becoming warmer and warmer, the weekends tend to require different types of dressing. Most commonly, the options that predominate are casual, relaxed, and sporty.  That is why, we at Ritera have prepared a list of some of the most comfortable and stylish plus-size outfits that will make your weekends feel extra special.


One of the easiest, most comfortable, and stylish outfits for the weekend is the jumpsuit. Through the years, global fashion has put a special and high importance on the jumpsuit as a whole outfit. Not only it is very easy to style, but it delivers a special fashion nod to the appearance and the overall look. With the comfortable fit and the exquisite fabric, this plus-size jumpsuit is a piece that you will gladly wear, over and over. For the weekend, just add some cute accessories and a bag and you are ready to go.




Cardigan shirt + drawstring pants

Weekend days are the ones filled with more activities, running errands, lunches, and gatherings. That is why a comfortable and stylish choice of plus-size clothes will keep you comfortable throughout the entire day. For those willing to add some color to their looks, the combination of a plus-size cardigan shirt and patterned drawstring plus-size pants is a great choice. The shirt comes with short sleeves and can easily be paired with a tank top, while the pants have a wide leg and elasticized waist.





Polo neck T-shirt + leggings

All those following the fashion trends know that the leggings are much more than part of the sports gear. Today, they are considered leisurewear, which makes them an excellent choice for weekend wear outfits. Go a step further and choose the plus-size leopard-patterned leggings to add a dose of boldness and style. Pair them with a polo neck shirt in a neutral color to keep the balance. Choose some comfortable sneakers and enjoy your weekend day out.



Midi dress

Similarly to the jumpsuit, a casual dress is another great weekend outfit inspiration and option. The plus-size midi dress is a very trending and popular garment today. Its relaxed style and A-line cut offer comfortability and free movement. As for styling, it can be easily worn with any type of footwear, depending on whether you want to elevate the look or keep it toned down.


Knit sweater + denim shorts

This is a modern and very fashionable combo that will surely make you feel like you have stepped out of a magazine. The knit sweater is light and very light on the skin and body, excellent for the spring days. To create a contrast in the outfit, choose plus-size denim shorts. They are timeless fashion pieces that you will most certainly wear during the entire summer season.


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