Best plus-size floral-patterned pieces to mark this spring

Best plus-size floral-patterned pieces to mark this spring


With the increasing number of sunny hours in the upcoming days and seasons, it is more than evident that our wardrobe requires a bit of makeover. And there simply is no better way to improve and enhance the looks and the outfits than to include some color and patterns. Especially patterns are highly fashion-recommended when it comes to adding a more playful vibe to the entire spring dressing. As you might already guess, the pattern in question, that is an absolute hit is the florals.


Florals for spring is not groundbreaking as it was, so, if you are looking for some stylish plus-size pieces, there are our picks. You can shop them all at Ritera. Take a look!


Floral high-waisted sweatpants

The comfortability and the fashionability of these plus-size sweatpants perfectly blend into delivering a piece that is full of style and easiness. Starting from the high waist that offers the utmost support, through the relaxed style of the legs, this is a piece that you would gladly wear on many occasions. The floral pattern is subtle yet very eye-catching, making the sweatpants easy to pair and style with different tops and footwear.




Floral milkmaid dress


One of the best spring fashion combos is the florals and the dress. And exactly this combo comes in a plus-size option. It is an outfit that captivates with subtlety and romance. The light baby color delivers a special nod to the trendy pastels, while the minimal floral print adds just the right dose of vibrancy. The plus-size dress itself comes in a relaxed, a-style line, featuring ruffles on the sleeves and a square neck. It also accentuates the waist, delivering a visual elongating effect on the silhouette.



Floral Pocket Beach short


If you prefer to do your workouts or run errands in some comfortable shorts, why not do that in style too? These floral pocket beach shorts will most certainly become your favorite pick this spring. With the elasticized waist and the side pockets, they are fashion pieces that are highly practical and easy to wear. Even more, you can wear them on the beach too.




Floral short sleeve cardigan


Leaving a special fashion signature starts and ends with choosing pieces that will complement your style. If your style features cardigan or oversized shirts, then, this floral short sleeve cardigan is a piece that will add to it. Coming in a sheer fabric, with the well-known retro print and short sleeves, this plus-size cardigan is a very feminine and casual piece. In pink and red shades, it is the perfect option for the spring. Whether you decide to style it with jeans, leggings, or shorts, just add a tank top and you will achieve a top-notch fashionable look.


Purple Blue leaves shirt sleeve T-shirt


A woman cannot have too many T-shirts. They are simply the easiest, most convenient, and versatile garment that makes the entire dressing and outfit much funnier and easier. A little bit different types of florals come on this amazing plus-size T-shirt. The pattern of purple and blue leaves delivers a beachy vibe and makes this shirt an excellent choice if you want to add some vibrancy and boldness to your spring outfits.


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