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1.Overview of plus size women clothing

(1)The definition and characteristics of plus size women clothing

In recent years, with the improvement of people's material living standards, the number of obese people is increasing year by year, especially in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, where the annual growth rate of the obese population is more than 10%. Plus size women clothing is clothing tailored for plump women who weigh more than the standard body weight. The product characteristics of plus size women clothing are designed for people with fatter bodies , making them look slimmer, natural and good looking.

(2)Plus size women size vs traditional size

There is still a difference between plus size women clothing size and traditional women clothing size, as shown in the picture:

Plus size women clothing size


Traditional American Women Clothing Size


It can be seen from this that the emergence of plus size women clothing has led to an increase in women clothing sizes, allowing plus size groups over size 20 to wear suitable, comfortable and fashionable clothing.

(3)Reasons for designing separate plus size women clothing

Why do we need to design separate plus size women clothing? Because as people living standards continue to improve, the number of plus size people has also increased. According to data, there are currently 2.2 billion plus size people in the world. Their basic necessities, food, housing and transportation have gradually formed a market segment with considerable potential. Especially the women clothing category has always been in high demand.

The development of the plus size women clothing market is mixed, but there are not enough products. There are many stores that advertise plus size brands. Whether it is style or design, they do not take into account the needs of plus size users. They just make a few more sizes than normal brands. Some will do XXXXXL, but neither the design nor the layout is really based on the needs of plus size users. There are few styles to choose from, and even the models taking photos are tall and thin. Before the emergence of plus size clothing, many plus size girls could only choose suitable clothes in men clothing stores, and most of these men clothing were casual and lacking in fashion sense.

In fact, many plus size women also want to dress fashionably. For a long time, those plus size women have endured great social prejudice and even discrimination, making it impossible for some women to go out confidently. However, the emergence of some plus size bloggers who love their bodies has set off a craze for plus size women. Plus size women have gradually begun to accept themselves. The plus size market demand continues to increase. Individual plus size women clothing is designed to respond to this market demand.


2.Plus size women clothing consumer groups and needs

(1)Consumer groups of plus size women clothing

Plus size women clothing is mainly designed for women with plump bodies. In addition, plus size women clothing can also be worn by obese women, pregnant women, middle aged and elderly women, and other groups. A report released by a U.S. government agency shows that women under 45 years old and with higher income levels are the fastest-growing consumer groups in the plus-size women clothing market.Actually, Plus size women pay more attention to factors such as "curves" and "fashion" in clothing.

(2) The needs and design concepts of plus size women clothing groups

  Through the survey, it was found that thin people have similar body shapes, but plus size people do have different body shapes. For example, in the same size 22, some people have plump breasts, some have thick arms, and some have plump hips. But when it comes to clothing purchases, they cannot buy clothes that fit them well.

In the design of the product, the differentiated design of clothing styles is considered. For special parts of the body such as arms, thighs, and abdomen, the inclusiveness of the pattern must be considered when designing. When it comes to the use of fabrics, consider that plus size people are more likely to sweat than ordinary people, and their buttocks will have different states when sitting or standing in different states, so more breathable and elastic fabrics should be used. At the same time , the skirt can be split, which not only makes it easier for plus size people to walk and exercise, but also makes the clothes look more fashionable.

A blogger who wears plus size clothing once said on social media that when making purchase decisions, she bases her purchase decisions on whether skirts have pockets. This statement has been supported by many plus size people. In fact, the design of pockets on skirts is not a common design in plus size women clothing. Pockets can be added to product designs and turned into marketing highlights. In the promotional video, have the model show off the pockets on the dress.

  1. Design principles for plus size women clothing

(1) Emphasis on the balance principle of comfort and fashion, focusing on body shape advantages and personality characteristics

Plus size women also long for fashionable, trendy, and modern looks. They focus on combining these fashion elements with plus size women figures for unique processing and design, highlighting the curvaceous beauty of plus size girls' figures. The unique tailoring perfectly conceals some of the shortcomings of the figure, making them Fashion introduces plus size women clothing, allowing more plus size women to wear suitable, comfortable and trendy clothing.

(2)The importance of selecting styles, colors and fabrics for plus size women clothing

In order to accommodate plus size women figures, more fabrics and cutting processes are required. Furthermore, considering that plus size girls have smaller gaps between their limbs and are more likely to sweat, special attention must be paid to functional factors such as pilling, fraying, color floating, and breathability when making plus size clothing.

  1. Pay attention to the market trends of plus size women clothing

Fashion trends and design inspiration for plus size women clothing

(1)The development trends of the plus size women clothing market are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1. Diversified design styles. The plus size women clothing market is no longer a single style and color, but a variety of design styles to meet the needs of different consumers.
  2. Pay attention to comfort and quality. Today's consumers pay more attention to comfort and quality, rather than just looking good.
  3. Digital sales model. With the development of Internet technology, the plus size women clothing market has also begun to focus on digital sales models, integrating online and offline methods to better serve consumers.

With the continuous upgrading of consumer trends and concepts, in recent years, many companies and brands have paid attention to and spoken out for the plus size community, advocating body tolerance and freedom of dressing. Plus size clothing has become a new trend in fashion.

(2)Some well-known brands , design concepts and product lines

  1. Cider

It is a women's clothing brand for Generation Z women . Its product line has added plus size lines and swimwear lines . The classification method is distinguished by "inspiration". The inspiration for each product may come from a certain "moment" or "occasion" in life. ” or “emotion.” Establishing an emotional connection with users will naturally build stronger stickiness between users and the brand .


  1. Dia&Co

The fashion brand Dia&Co was established in 2014 and specializes in providing customized subscription e-commerce services for plus-size women . Users register on the official website to create a personal profile and fill in personal information such as style, size, budget, etc. Dia&Co will have professional stylists to match the clothing, select five sets of matching styles, and put them in a box for free door-to-door delivery. Customers can leave their favorite styles and return the others for free.



  1. Plus size women clothing matching guide

(1)Matching suggestions for different occasions

  1. Simple commuting

A red light top and tight jeans are mostly used in workplace situations to show that you are capable and comfortable in the workplace.




Black top paired with a green pleated skirt, simple and elegant, suitable for commuting to work






  1. Social occasion

A tight-fitting red dress that shows off your graceful curves, is fashionable and luxurious, and is suitable for gatherings with friends and social occasions.




Black off-shoulder dress, thin and comfortable, sexy off-shoulder design, suitable for shopping with friends




  1. Outdoor sports

Black and white plaid hoodie, simple and comfortable, suitable for daily sports and outdoor leisure




A blue tank paired with short jeans is a refreshing summer outfit, suitable for the hot summer outdoors.




  1. Festival celebrations

A pink strawberry top paired with a red miniskirt looks playful and cute, suitable for celebrating Christmas




An orange v-neck top paired with a black mini skirt with suspenders is full of Halloween atmosphere, like a trick-or-treat candy.



(2)How to choose the right accessories and shoes to add to the look

  1. Shoe matching

If you want to take a retro route or commute daily, you can choose loafers for casual wear.


For social occasions, wear a nice dress and pair it with comfortable high heels


For outdoor sports and casual wear, you can pair it with simple white shoes


  1. Matching accessories

Wearing silk scarves can double our sense of fashion


How to wear silk scarf


Hats is indispensable in winter

Tips: If you have a short face, choose a hat with a high crown. If you are short, choose a hat with a narrow brim.

If you have a long face, choose a hat with a low crown. If you are tall, choose a hat with a wide brim.




  1. Maintenance and maintenance of plus size women clothing

(1) Cleaning and maintenance skills for all types of plus size women clothing

Before washing pure cotton women clothing, be sure to read the washing label. Usually follow the washing method on the washing label. It should be noted that pure cotton women's clothing is particularly afraid of heat. It will easily shrink after being scalded with hot water, so be sure not to use the temperature high water to clean.

Polyester-cotton women clothing will not shrink and is easier to clean. If there are any dirty areas, you can use a hard-bristled brush to clean them and then wash them with water, so that they can be cleaned very clean. It should be noted that if ironing is required, polycotton women's clothing needs to be ironed with a cloth, otherwise it will appear bright.

For chemical fiber women clothing, you can use a hard-bristled brush dipped in some strong soapy water to scrub it for a few times, and then rinse it with clean water to clean it.

When cleaning cotton and linen women clothing, you should also avoid high water temperatures. If there are stains, you can dry them in a ventilated environment first. Women's clothing with bright colors needs to be dried. Women's clothing with light or original colors can be exposed to the sun until the clothes are completely dry. Then clean it and it will be clean.

Wool women clothing will shrink. If there are stains, you can first use a soft brush to clean the stains, and then wash them with soapy water. Repeat several times to clean them.

If there are oil stains on women clothing, such as machine oil, cooking oil and other stains, you can use alcohol to smear the stains and then clean them. You can also use light salt water, caustic soda, toothpaste and other items to apply them locally first, and then clean them all. This process may be done at once If the cleaning is not clean, just be patient and repeat it a few times.

Ink stains on women clothing are generally more difficult to remove than oil stains. To remove ink stains on women's clothing, you need to use different methods according to the color of the ink. For red ink, you can use a cloth to wrap a carrot and wipe it. For blue ink, you can use acetic acid mixed with water to clean, and for black ink stains It is difficult to clean. You can try all these methods.


(2) Storage methods for various types of plus size women clothing

Cotton and linen clothing: When storing, clothes must be washed, dried, and folded flat. Wardrobes, cabinets, and polyethylene packaging bags must be kept clean and dry to prevent mildew. It is best to store white clothing and dark clothing separately to prevent staining or yellowing.

Silk clothing: When storing, in order to prevent moisture and dust, cover the clothing with a layer of cotton or wrap the silk clothing well. White clothing cannot be placed in the box.

Woolen garments: After wearing all kinds of woolen garments for a period of time, they should be dried and patted to remove dust. Keep in a dry place when not wearing. It should be hung and stored, and the fabric should be turned inside out to prevent fading, weathering, and wind marks. Before storage, it should be brushed or washed, ironed, dried, and ventilated for one day. It is best to hang high-end woolen clothing in the closet and do not overlap it to avoid deformation and affecting the appearance. When storing all-wool or blended clothing, wrap the mothballs in tissue paper and place them in clothing pockets or wardrobes or boxes. Plush clothing should be stored separately from other clothing to prevent lint and lint from falling off and contaminating other clothing.

Chemical fiber clothing: Man-made fiber clothing should be laid flat and should not be hung for a long time to avoid elongation due to hanging. When storing clothing made of blended fabrics containing natural fibers, you can put a small amount of mothballs or insect repellent, but do not touch it; for clothing made of polyester, nylon and other synthetic fibers, you do not need to put mothballs, let alone sanitary balls, to avoid contamination. Naphthol causes damage to clothing and fabrics.

(3)Some professional detergents and beauty care products for plus size women clothing

seika laundry beads : Has softening , color-protecting and beauty-enhancing effects


CHANTE CLAIR laundry detergent: has decontamination , stain removal , and color protection effects; suitable for cotton , silk , down , wool , fiber , and linen materials


Laundrin fabric softener: has disinfecting , antibacterial , softening , and antistatic effects


Walch underwear cleaning: has disinfection and antibacterial effects


  1. Recommended brands of plus size women clothing

Finally, I would like to share with you a plus size women clothing brand, Ritera  


Ritera is a fashion brand that celebrates the journey of self-acceptance and empowers women to embrace their true selves. 
Our founder, Ms. Karen Kiny, grew up in a family where women were undervalued, which led to psychological and physical challenges, including weight gain. However, she always had a passion for dressing up dolls, and even created fashionable outfits for them. 

As an adult, she joined a international fashion company, but her own body image issues and relentless ridicule from others shattered her confidence. However, she learned a valuable lesson at this company: to embrace herself first.


 Finally,As people's recognition of body shapes gradually increases, the plus size women clothing market is gradually prospering. According to market research, the size of the plus size women clothing market has reached hundreds of billions. With the continuous development of the fashion industry, the plus size women clothing market has broader prospects.

In this era of pursuing beauty, most women feel anxious about their bodies. Do you also have body anxiety? You always feel that you are fat and unattractive, have a big face, and legs that are not thin enough. You always see your shortcomings and feel that you are not good-looking. We are not as good-looking as others, but in fact most of us are ordinary people. With the emergence of plus size women clothing, plus size women can wear the style they like. I want to say, girls, we must accept ourselves and fall in love with ourselves. For yourself, see your own advantages, do what you want to do, and wear what you want to wear. Girls, show yourself boldly!



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