On the move – the best new plus-size pieces that will get you moving!

Whether you are going just for a walk, a run, or to the gym, the comfortable and stylish plus-size activewear pieces are "a must". These are the pieces that are specially designed to provide support and comfort during various and different physical activities. And not only do they feel great on the body and the skin, but they are also very stylish and fashionable. So, if you lack motivation and inspiration to get moving, these new plus-size pieces and choices from Ritera’s activewear collection will definitely inspire you to do so.

Here are our top picks and suggestions on how to choose the best activewear garments:

Stylish jacket

During the chillier mornings and nights, the right jacket will keep you warm and insulated for your physical activities. With a front zipper, a hoodie, and a colorful print, this plus-size jacket will become your go-to sports garment. What is really eye-catching and appealing is the pink tie-dye print, excellent for all women who want to add some color to their sports outfits. You can easily style it with shorts or leggings.  


Cozy long-sleeve top

For those days when you just want to wear long sleeves, having a long-sleeve top in your sports wardrobe will go a long way. Such tops are designed to well absorb the sweat, as well as let the skin breathe. The fit and the line are super comfortable, following the line of the body and still leaving space for easy movement. Pick one in some vivid color that will make your activities much more interesting.



Timeless T-shirt

One of the most popular activewear pieces is the T-shirt. This is a type of garment that is always present in any woman's sports wardrobe. Whether you opt for an option such as a crop top or a regular shirt, its comfortability and coziness will not disappoint you. Pick a plain or printed plus-size shirt and upgrade your plus-size activewear outfit to a new level.




Leggings for days

Leggings are a top bottoms choice when it comes to picking a suitable, long-lasting, and comfortable plus-size activewear looks and outfits. They style easily with t-shirts and tank tops, and they look super fashionable with a sweater or a jacket. The options are truly varied and colorful, you can easily switch between a printed or monochrome plus-size pair.



Shorts for the summer

For the hot summer days and evenings, let your skin breathe with our comfortable and body-flattering plus-size shorts. Available in different lengths, each of the styles is perfect for different sports activities. From basic shorts to biker shorts and shorts with pockets, you will find it pretty hard to pick only one!


Sporty sweatpants

Whether you decide to pair and style them with a tank top, T-shirt, or jacket, these plus-size sweatpants will surely become one of your most adored choices for your sports activities. What's more, you will become so attached to them that you will surely wear them on your casual outings.


Have you made your choice? We are waiting for you at Ritera.

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