Key Color Palettes To Elevate Spring 2024

Key Color Palettes To Elevate Spring 2024


It's the season of bloom again with vibrant colors everywhere to be seen. From cherry reds to whites, spring 2024 is the season of bold and statement colors. with the Barbie fever subsiding, we can see a lot more drama in the air with a combination of fun colors.

We have gathered some trending styles to give you a variety of spring 2024 colors for a bomb plus-size wardrobe that is updated and classy.


We are officially entering the red zone! The hue gets deeper and deeper as you keep maneuvering your way to spring 2024. Bright red has been the IT color for quite some time but now it's absolutely hard to ignore. The color may appear too bright for many but if you style it right, this might be the ideal color for a curvy lady. The color instantly adds a bold touch to any look with the potential to disguise the extra curvy areas you don't want to highlight.


Cool and composed, the hue of blue has a welcoming pop of color that instantly brightens up the mood as well as the wardrobe. The wide spectrum of this palette has runways emerging from royal to sky blues giving this color almost fifty shades for you to pick from. Our ideal outfit options that surround blue will have you enticed for the colorful spring ahead.


Pulling out colors from the runway and merging into your wardrobe is not always easy but a juicy lilac hue takes the cake when it comes to versatility. Lilac is the new hue of the season and we think it might continue to slay even after spring 2024. The feminine hue always looks inviting on a plus-size figure, aiming to bring out your inner confidence. You can do a monochrome lilac outfit for sweet feminine vibes or even incorporate a pop of red in your lilac outfit to add some drama.


White is the color to dare. Aren't we all worried about staining our whites? But the color is not only daring for its purity, plus-size women especially feel conscious around this color but if styled right, this could be your go-to hue on multiple occasions. For spring 2024, It's the most sought after hue of the season that can be worn on its own or even with a pop of color from other trending shades to create an effortless look.

Be playful and creative when opting for these trendy shades and add them to your wardrobe with a practical mindset to get the most out of it.

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